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Sword of Jinin
Orochimaru's right-hand man
Uchiha member of Tobirama's team
Member of Team Oboro
Leaders of the great villages
Clan that loved to fight and was massacred
Rabbit goddess
Inari's step-father
Copy-ninja leader of team 7
Iwa ninja who almost killed Obito
Greedy member of Akatsuki
Temari's weasel summon
Clan that includes three Tsuchikage
Sends eye's target to another dimension
Sand sibling who uses puppets
Member of Taka with a crush on Sasuke
Kunoichi who took out her anger on Naruto
Mother of the sand siblings
Tsunade's slug summon
Deceased Senju brother
Leader of Sunagakure
Bloodline-exclusive techniques
Bloodline encompassing
Bloodline selection
Sword techniques
Inuzuka clan member with a white dog
Spider member of the Sound 4
Trained Naruto to control the nine-tails
Leader of the Sound 5 who used bones
One of the sound genin
Used by the Naraka Path to interrogate others
Forbidden techniques
The gold brother
Hidden Mist Village
Sasuke's special lightning technique against Itachi
Shark-like member of Akatsuki
Iwa ninja who discovered a spy
Father of Sakura
Hyuga clan member who tried to stop Hinata from fighting Pain
Female elder of the leaf village
Five-tailed beast
Female Ame orphan and Akatsuki member
Hidden Leaf Village
Grandson of the Third Hokage
Mind-controlling genjutsu
One of the Chunin gate guards
Hidden Cloud Village
Throwing knives
Nine-tailed fox
Leader of Team 8
Tsume Inuzuka's dog companion
Sword of Mifune
Fourth tsuchikage and granddaughter of the third
Hidden Grass Village
Mist swordsman who killed his sensei
Mother of Naruto
Accountant of Kakuzu

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