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Interrogation expert
Hanzo's summon
Haku's Kekkei Genkai
Jiraiya's novel series
Brother of the interrogation expert
Investigated Shisui's disappearance
Grandson of Tazuna
Ancestor of the Uchiha Clan
Powerful Genjutsu cast from the moon
Clones made of ink
Blonde with a crush on Sasuke
Father of the above
Son of Sai and his blonde wife
Aburame Clan's clone technique
Clan that uses dogs as companions
Third Kazekage's special weapon
Naruto's academy teacher
Father of Nagato
First Tsuchikage
Three-tailed turtle
Sasuke's older brother
Deceased Senju brother
Hidden Stone Village
Genjutsu cast on the user
Genjutsu that affects the target through physical sensations
One of the chunin gate guards
Madara's younger brother

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