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Sage of Six Paths
Group of three dogs belonging to Kiba's sister
Attack from hair
Zabuza's partner
Brother of the Sage of Six Paths
Five-tails Jinchuriki
Kiba's sister
Sister of Naruto's future wife
The salamander
Combination of shadow clones and sexy jutsu
First hokage
Proctor of the preliminary round of the Chunin exams
Karin's way of healing
Allows healing without hand seals
One of the chunin exams scrolls
Father of Naruto's future wife
Immortal member of Akatsuki
Secret jutsus exclusive to clans
Allows people to hide in mist
Naruto's daughter
Cat that lives with Nekobaa
Naruto's future wife
Sasori's puppet armor
Third hokage
Neji's father
Leader of Konoha
Where the faces of the above are carved
Male Konoha elder
Clan that Suigetsu belongs to
Technique that involves fusing with a dog
Akimichi rolling technique
One of the six paths that can read minds
Hozuki Clan ability to turn into water
Clan that has the Byakugan

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