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Fifth kazekage
Inuzuka clan member led by Minato against Kumogakure
Medium-sized toad summon
Boss toad summon
Naruto's wallet
Big blue toad summon
Klutzy toad summon
Boss toad's first son
Boss toad's second son
Legendary dark shinobi
Member of the explosion corps
Corrupt businessman who hired Zabuza
Island turtle where Naruto was held
Second mizukage
Lower ninja rank
Art of illusion
Proctor of the third round of the chunin exam
Hyuga clan technique that attacks the body's chakra system
Temari's weapon of choice
Banker for Kakuzu
Silver brother
Used by the fourth kazekage
One of the demon brothers
Crystal release user
One of Kakashi's dog summons
Eight-tailed octopus

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