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Inuzuka technique combined with their dog partners
Inuzuka technique where they combine with their dogs and spin
Basic chakra nature
Common fire jutsu
Fire technique that hides shurikens in the flames
Fire technique combined with toad oil
Added to Naruto to mess up his chakra
Used to remove the above
Used by Nagato to seal off an extraction area
Worn by Chunin and above
Bombs that emit light when they explode
Technique that allows teleportation
Headbands worn by most shinobi
Inuzuka technique that mimics their dogs
Usable after opening the first gate
Sasuke's father
Previous wielder of Samehada
Sealing techniques
Male elder toad
Motoi's owl summon
Clan that invented a type of shuriken and the name of a clan in the Land of Sound
Large shuriken that is collapsible
Mother of Nagato
Jinchuriki of Chomei
Yamanaka member of Root

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