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Bodyguard of A (add 'ee' to his name)
Deidara's suicide bomb
Deidara's basic clay technique
Deidara's dragon technique
Deidara's powerful bomb technique
Deidara's exploding clone technique
Energy used for ninjutsu and most techniques
Weapon with sharpened chakra flow
Used to control puppets
Nagato's dog
Planetary devastation
One thousand birds
Head monk of the Fire Temple
Grandmother of Sasori
Samurai from the Land of Iron
Daughter of Karui and pleasantly plump
Pleasantly plump
Mei's bodyguard and future Mizukage
Seven-tailed beast
Iwagakure rogue who got angry at his clothes getting dirty
Father of pleasantly plump
Kiri ninja who hates Akatsuki
Middle ninja rank
Deidara's clone technique
Basic jutsu that Naruto has trouble with
Storing chakra in the forehead over time
Itachi's clone technique
Guren's Kekkei Genkai
Kimimaro's cursed seal
Sasuke's cursed seal
Kirigakure secret intelligence squad

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