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Member of Team Shigure
Leader of the Sand Siblings
Danzo's summon
Head Monk of the Fire Temple
Paper item that prevents entry to an area
Special Inuzuka Clan technique
Gourd used by Ginkaku
One of Kakashi's dog summons
Wife of the third Hokage
A and Darui's special lightning technique
Half of Zetsu that posseses Obito
Fire Release form that Sasuke uses
Former Jinchuriki of the eight-tails
Jutsu element that is fire and water combined
Son of Naruto and Hinata
Utakata's special clone technique
Kakashi's bulldog summon
Former Jinchuriki of Shukaku
Father of the first and second Hokages
Choji's powerful transformation
Hyuga Clan Kekkei Genkai
First Mizukage

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