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Name of four different Raikages
Clan of bug users
Girl who became Pain's second Animal Path
Kiba's dog companion
Bully who picked on Inari
Bodyguard of Onoki
Organization that seeks to collect the tailes beasts
Clan of big eaters with a size-increasing jutsu
One of Kakashi's dog summons
Collective of the five great villages in the fourth war
Black flame ability
Hidden Rain Village
Female mist swordsman
Elite masked ninja that serve the kage
One of the six paths that grants summoning abilities
Proctor of the second round of the chunin exams
Mist ninja with the Byakugan
Special jonin who uses crows
Snake summon
Tricks Idate into stealing a sword and scroll
Protects Gaara
Uzumaki clan head during the founding of Konoha
Leader of Team 10
Younger son of the Sage of Six Paths
One of the six paths that is mechanical
Brother of Samui
Daughter of the ramen bar owner

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