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Viscious leopard in Deep Jungle
Type of Nobody supposedly commanded by Roxas
No. VII in the organization
Love interest of Jack Skellington
Son of Kevin
Leader of Christmas Town
Served the MCP
Corrupt ruler of the Pride Lands
Doanld's uncle
Popular ice cream flavor
Hermit crab with a Jamaican accent
Head of the Disciplinary Committee in Twilight Town
Girl on Destiny Islands with a jumprope
Arch-enemy of Cloud
Struggle champion
Basic type of Heartless
Leader of the Huns
Hostile animal that swims around the sunkin ship
Female hyena
World where Neku is supposedly from
Neku's partner
Rightful ruler of the Pride Lands
Keyblade from defeating the Hockomonkey
Keyblade from Leon (KH2)
A rather tired dwarf
Dwarf who could really use some tissues
Type of nobody commanded by Xigbar
Princess of Heart who was poisoned by an apple
Main character of most games
Type of nobody commanded by Xemnas
Riku's sword
World inside of Ansem's computer
Keyblade from Merlin
Keyblade from Yen Sid's tower
Experiment 626
Level 1 spell that freezes time
Level 3 spell that freezes time
Level 2 spell that freezes time
Aqua's keyblade from Destiny Islands
Keyblade from the Castle of Dreams
Type of foam bats in Twilight Town
Keyblade from the Flick Rush
Keyblade from the Hundred Acre Wood
Keyblade from making ice cream
Fantasia world

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