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Can you name the Kingdom Hearts P Answers?

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Red servant of Hades
Pixie with black wings
Blue servant of Hades
Star-shaped fruit
Merchant who has Jafar's lamp
Herc's winged steed
Boy who lives in Twilight Town
Mother of 99 dalmatians
Big oaf who joins forces with Maleficent
Boy in Neverland who never grows up
Herc's mentor
Guard captain who betrays Frollo for Esmeralda
Keyblade from Space Paranoids
Tiny and timid pig
Puppet who wants to become a human
Keyblade from Neverland (BBS)
Mickey's pet dog
Father of 99 dalmatians
Bear who likes honey
World of cursed pirates
World where Monstro and Jiminy are from
World where Sora turns into a lion
Marries Snow White
Marries Cinderella
Marriers Ariel
Marriers Aurora
They have hearts of pure light and there are seven of them
Warthog who smells bad
Keyblade from Halloween Town (KH1)

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