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QUIZ: Can you name the Kingdom Hearts D Answers?

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Girlfriend of the royal mage
Chipmunk with a red nose
Type of nobody commanded by Number IX
Opposite of light
Keyblade from completing the Dead Ringer battle
Giant pureblood heartless boss
Used to travel through Jiminy's journal
Keyblade from Halloween/Christmas Town
Tarzan's world
World where Stitch is from
The Melodius Nocturne, Number IX
Kairi's keyblade
Homeworld of Sora and Riku
Nephew of the royal mage
Keyblade from defeating the Ice Titan
Somebody of Xaldin
Castle where King Mickey rules
Town around the above with mini-games
Keyblade from Belle
Disguise of Ansem the Wise
Summons the power of another character
Dwarf who is rather smart
Sora's first ability
Royal magician
Talking object on a door, source of the keyhole
Entrance to the Realm of Darkness
Led Sora and Riku out of the Realm of Darkness
Clumsy dwarf
Type of nobody commanded by Xaldin
Denizens of the Realm of Sleep
Halloween Town scientist
Cinderella's step sister
Creator of Stitch
Keyblade from The Grid
Flying elephant summon
Standard type of nobody
Snow White's world

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