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Pirate who lost his hand
Soldiers serving the Queen of Hearts
Aladdin rides this through the desert
World where Namine is being held
World where a prince is looking for a wife
Location of treasure in Agrabah
Organization XIII base of operations
Cave that leads to the org. data fights
Three-headed dog belonging to Hades
Room where Xemnas goes to remember
Where Ventus is sleeping
Keyblade from defeating Eraqus
Demon on Bald Mountain
Creepy cat
Chicken summon
Large Chinese soldier who wears blue
Boy turned into a teacup or a chipmunk
Where Santa Claus lives
Gummi Ship engineer
Princess of heart who goes to a ball
Keyblade from Pride Lands
Chicken lady
Cow woman
Hunter who wants to shoot the gorillas
Pet goldfish of Geppetto
Guy with spiky blond hair who participates at the coliseum
Corrupted program in the Grid
Butler turned into a clock
Spell that confuses enemies
Keyblade from Symphony of Sorcery
World with Mickey, Donald and Goofy as Musketeers
Keyblade from Atlantica
Weakest type of nobody
Reptile that makes a ticking noise
Medium-level healing spell
Highest level healing spell
Standard healing spell

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