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Son of King Piccolo who killed Krillin
Had half of Hirudegarn sealed inside of him (movie)
Short Other World fighter with a helmet (anime)
Vegeta's brother
Planet and race of Gure
Used to communicate with others without speaking
Terrorized a village along with Plague (anime)
Three-eyed Z Fighter
Planet with a giant tiger (GT)
Bulma's sister who met Jaco
Guldo's special ability
Used to travel through time
Blind child healed by Buu
The last Kanassan to die
Bardock's squad member and best friend
Red insect Other World fighter
Demonic chicken who attacks Goku Jr. (GT)
Mira's wife
Giant tree (movie)
Power triangle-shaped attack using one's life force
Son of Bulma and Vegeta
Namekian elder killed by Vegeta
Race wiped out by the Saiyans
Saiyan who looks almost exactly like Goku (movie)
Master Roshi's pet
Master Roshi's school

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