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Green creatures planted and grown
Used to reverse brainwashing
Where Goku fought Kid Buu
Possessed by Janemba (movie)
Gohan's superhero disguise
Goku and Vegeta's race
Original planet of the Saiyans
Red minion of Garlic Jr. (anime)
Blue-skinned minion of Cooler (movie)
Long-haired North Galaxy fighter (anime)
City named after the world hero
Energy sphere used by Raditz
Bald Saiyan in the Pendulum Room (anime)
Used by Krillin to kill three Saibamen
Giant scorpion on Rudeeze (GT)
Used by Frieza's soldiers to read power levels
Dr Brief's black cat
Baba's invisible fighter
Beans that can heal
Resulted from the negative energy in the Dragon Balls (GT)
Planet of race enslaved by Paragus (movie)
Race enslaved by Paragus (movie)
Oolong and Puar can do this
Gohan's jock classmate
Female henchman of Don Kee (GT)
Master of the Crane School
Eternal dragon of Earth
Man living in Aru Village, father of Pochawompa
Race of the Kais
Long-haired Saiyan encountered in the Pendulum Room
Emperor Pilaf's dog minion
Member of Bardock's squad
Demon who kidnapped Princess Misa (anime)
Green lemur who helped Goku regrow his tail (GT)
Gunman who attempted to assinate Majin Buu
SS2 Gohan's rush attack
Technique that blinds
Cell used this against Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha
One of the Para Brothers (GT)
Small minion of Frieza (movie)
Southern capital of Earth
Tall Kai
First Supreme Kai absorbed by Buu
Piccolo used this to kill Raditz
Green-skinned minion of Garlic Jr. (anime)
Four minions of Garlic Jr. (anime)
Devilman who fought Goku
Where Raditz landed
Technique created by Yamcha
Powerful attack that gathers energy from the world
Vegito used this to implace Super Buu
Possessed human who beat up Videl
Served Commander Red until be betrayed him
Dabura's ability to petrify
Space lemur who helped Goku regrow his tail (GT)
Red-haired girl living in Jingle Village
Fusion of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 (GT)
Evil Buu after absorbing Majin Buu
Gotenks' move where he spits out explosive ghosts
More powerful version of the Kamehameha
Cooler's ultimate attack
Gold hair transformation
Ascended form of the above
Ever further form of the above with long hair
Transforming following the Gold Great Ape (GT)
Goku first uses this form against Beerus
Blue-haired transformation combined with the above transformation
Used to kill Kid Buu
East Supreme Kai
Frog-like demon who tried to eat Goku Jr. (GT)
One-star dragon (GT)

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