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Kickboxer who fought Goku in the tournament
Daughter of Gohan
Mother of Bulma
What Oolong wished for
Island where the World Tournament is located
Where the fight against Nappa takes place
Dancing brothers (GT)
Father of Broly (movie)
Where Future Trunks defeats the androids
Arale's village
Where Future Gohan was killed
Smart son of King Piccolo
Namekian who trains Gohan
Teenage orphan who meets Gohan (anime)
Fights Goku in the finals of the Other World Tournament (anime)
Large guy who fights Krillin in the tournament
Underwater cave that contained a Dragon Ball
Student of Mr. Satan
Hospital planet (GT)
Terrorizes a village along with Terror (anime)
Used by Kid Buu to blow up the Earth
Former name of Planet Vegeta
Girl whom Oolong wanted to marry
Cold planet (GT)
Earrings that cause permanent fusion
Artificial moon used by Vegeta
Energy wave used by Androids 17 and 18
Measures one's combat ability
Goku's extending weapon
Pan's date (GT)
Eternal Dragon of Namek
Mr. Satan's attempt to kill Buu
Princess on Snake Way (anime)
Shapeshifting cat
Former bully of Goku Jr. (GT)
Minion of Babidi who fought Vegeta
Combined attack between Burter and Jeice

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