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Move by Gotenks used to cut opponents in half
Don Kee's male henchman (GT)
Vegeta's signature move
Kami's rival (anime/movie)
Son of the above (anime/movie)
Planet terrorized by Zoonama (GT)
Inhabitants of the above (GT)
Telekinetic Red Ribbon soldier
Machine Mutant commander (GT)
Red Ribbon soldier of Muscle Tower
Demon leader in the devil's castle (movie)
Serves fortuneteller Baba
Mother of Raditz and Kakarot
Where Cell is first seen
Monster fighter in the world tournament
Robot who ate the Dragon Radar (GT)
Where Goku and Vegeta fought for the first time
Fusion of Vegeta and Kakarot (movie/GT)
First son of Chi-Chi and Kakarot
Kakarot's Earth name
Great-great-grandson of the above
Combination of Super Saiyan and the full moon transformation
Second son of Chi-Chi and Kakarot
Fusion of Trunks and the above
Leader of the Kais
Leader of the Supreme Kais
Taught Chi-Chi how to be a wife (anime)
Possessed a Dragon Ball in Aru Village
Raised Kakarot
Common Saiyan transformation under a full moon
King Kai's cricket
Green member of the Ginyu Force
Tarble's wife (OVA)
Large elder of Namek
King with a hunger curse (movie)

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