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Ruler of the Demon Realm
Human-like minion of Turles (movie)
Yakon's planet
Used by Frieza to blow up Namek
Used by Frieza to kill Vegeta
Home of the demons
Youngest guardian of Earth
Krillin's signature attack
Desert where Yamcha is from
Jurassic animals located on Earth and similar planets
Special attack of the Crane School
Frieza's pink henchman
Chief leader of the Luud Cult (GT)
Gelbioan who was supposed to get married (GT)
Tyrant of Imecka (GT)
The tall Para Brother (GT)
Cooler's green minion (movie)
Huge fighter beaten by Bido (Movie)
Double blast used by Raditz
Seven of these summon an eternal dragon
Clan of Namekians that can heal and birth children
Goku's ability that looks like a dragon
Used to locate the seven balls
Bulma's father
Created Bio-Broly (movie)
Removed the bomb from Android 8
Created the Androids
Helped bring Baby to life (GT)
Created Hatchiyack (OVA)
Master Roshi pretending to be drunk
Antagonist of the World's Strongest (movie)
Son of King Piccolo born to fight Tien
Mr. Satan's kick technique

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