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Robot who helped Gohan (anime)
Red and silver henchman of Turles (movie)
Superhero who participated in the world tournament
Soldier of General Blue
Leader of the Ginyu force
Tiger captain of the Red Ribbon Army
Leader of the Luud Cult
Dende's younger brother
Mr. Satan's blonde student
Caterpillar guy who fought Goku
Bio-android who threatened the whole world
Tournament made by the above
Offspring of the Bio-Android
Capital city of the Earth
God of Destruction from universe 6
Girl who got Goku to help save his village (anime)
Short other world fighter from the East Galaxy
Goku's wife
Tien's best friend
Little orphaned girl who befriended Gohan (anime)
Frieza's ancestor
Baby dinosaur who was captured by a circus man (anime)
Used to turn enemies into food
The above combined with a Kamehameha, used by Majuub (GT)
Mouth blast
Red-haired girl with a pet bird (anime)
First Red Ribbon officer to meet Goku
Female member of the Red Ribbon Army
Leader of the Sigma Force (GT)
Leader of the Red Ribbon Army
Horned minion of Lord Slug (movie)
A bunch of blasts shot in succession
Multiple Kamehamehas fired in succession
Brother of Frieza (movie)
School where Tien first trained in
Dinosaur planet with a Black Star Dragon Ball (GT)
Purple minion of Frieza who was once as strong as Vegeta
Offspring of King Piccolo killed by Yajirobe
Piccolo's driving instructor (anime)

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