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Wizard who revived the Majin
Created to avenge the Tuffles (GT)
Large disgusting man who fought Krillin
Fortuneteller's mummy fighter
Fan that summons rain
Goku's father
Guldo's race
Wanted to eat Turtle
Mr. Satan's pet dog
Asteroid where the group met the Para brothers (GT)
Purple race working for Turles (Movie)
God of destruction
Plantian boy who admired Goku's father
Created the Majin
Galaxy soldier who killed Doskoi (Movie)
One of Vegeta's signature moves
Transformed Cooler into Meta-Cooler (Movie)
Cell is this type of android
Clone of the legendary super saiyan (Movie)
Member of the Sigma Force (GT)
Evil eternal dragon (GT)
Powerfull Dragon Balls (GT)
Corrupts people on the Earth (anime)
Green-skinned soldier of Frieza
Leader of the Galaxy Soldiers (Movie)
One of the Para brothers (GT)
Soldier of Gurumes (Movie)
Father of Upa
Member of Goku's father's squad (Movie)
Where Piccolo trained Gohan
Salza and Jeice's race
Legendary super saiyan (Movie)
Gohan and Goten's attack against the legendary super saiyan (Movie)
King Kai's pet monkey
Short galaxy soldier (Movie)
Daughter of Vegeta
Invented the Dragon Radar
Vegeta Jr's mother (GT)
Used by Future Trunks to kill Frieza
Blue Hurricane of the Ginyu force
Signature move used by Future Trunks
Majin who treatened the world
Pink monster who works for General White

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