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Blue alien who terrorized Tarble's planet
Used by Cell and Buu to transform and power up
Leaves behind a fake image of oneself
Fusion of Kado and his blue brother
Planet destroyed by Kid Buu
Red-skinned minion of Turles (movie only)
Artificial human
Redneck android (movie only)
White-skinned android (movie only)
Purple-skinned android (movie only)
Likes to observe birds
Black-haired android
Marries Krillin
Android that looks like a fat Chiaotzu
Dr. Gero turned into an Android
Also known as 'Eighter'
Gohan's first date
Light blue-skinned henchman of Lord Slug
Green alien soldier who worked for Paragus
Yakon's race
Guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divisions
Minion of Frieza who watched over Vegeta in a rejuvination chamber
Dr. Slump character who helps Goku
Race that supplied the Saiyans with technology
Planet of people who supplied the Saiyans with technlogy
Planet with bug people
Alien bug race
Fish opponent fought by Goku in the Other World Tournament
Village terrorized by Oolong
Arlian who had his wife stolen
Technique used by Vegeta against semi-perfect Cell

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