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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra Y and Z Answers?

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Bloodbending crime boss in Republic City
Air Nomad avatar before Aang
Name of both a fire nation market vendor and Wan's part tree friend
Asami's mother (name revealed on
Co-founder of the Ba Sing Se chapter of Aang's fan club
Rough Rhino member who uses explosives
Earth Kingdom state that Kai and Opal tried to help
Earth King responsible for creating the monorail in Ba Sing Se
Mako and Bolin's grandmother
Mother of Hope
Man who killed Katara's mother
Greedy earthbending teacher in Gaoling
Oldest Fire Nation colony
Republic City currency
Princess who turned into the moon spirit
Inlet of water where Republic City is located
Healing teacher in the Northern Water Tribe
Airbender in Ba Sing Se who escaped with Kai
Elite group of archers from the Fire Nation
Airbender of the Red Lotus
Location of the Metal Clan
Professor who was seeking the library
Tribe of gross people and enemies of the Gan Jin
Commander who killed the moon spirit
Varrick's assistant and later wife
Banished prince seeking to restore his honor

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