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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra W Answers?

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Performer who uses otter penguins
The first avatar
Library spirit who knows ten thousand things
Mai's uncle is this a the Boiling Rock
Sokka's hairstyle
Element of change
Pouches commonly carried to store water
Nation that lives in the north and south
One of the bending arts
Katara stole this from pirates
Metalbending twin who sparred with Bolin
Leader of the Zhang tribe
Upside-down air temple
Hama's greatest treasure
Island where monk Tang Xu completed a historic fast
Object used to determine a criminal's sentence in Chin Village
Iroh mistook a poisonous flower for this
Tahno's pro-bending team
Poisonous flower that causes itching and swelling
Flower with an entire order named after it
Metalbending twin who sparred with Korra
Momo is this type of animal
Celestial event during which Aang first met Roku
Dangerous animal that lives in the dark
Air Acolyte who referred to Katara as Aang's first girlfriend
Sokka and Katara sucked on these while they were frozen
Name of both an Earth Kingdom prince and a female fortuneteller
Forest where Aang battled Ozai

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