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Avatar Roku's wife
Father of Hope
Waterbender of the wolfbats and Korra's pro-bending rival
Abandoned Earth Kingdom city where a herbalist lives
Monk who completed a historic fast on Whaletail Island
Weapon invented by Hakoda to mess up a ship's propeller
United Republic councilman who turns out to be a villain
Cranky monk from the Southern Air Temple
Beverage that Iroh loves
Group containing the avatar and friends
Aang's son and Korra's airbending teacher
Paraplegic who lives at the Northern Air Temple
Elite earthbenders who protect the outer wall of Ba Sing Se
Earthbending gang in Republic City
Young freedom fighter who is friends with Pipsqueak
Foggy Swamp waterbender (the shorter one)
Spirit honored by Avatar Yangchen
South Pole animal that watched the light from Aang's iceberg
Method of telling time invented by the mechanist
Mai's younger brother
Where Oma and Shu are burried
Mayor of Chin Village
Korra's father
Blind girl who invented metalbending
'Enemy birds' according to Sokka
Former pro-bender who taught Mako and Bolin
Where Vaatu was imprisond
Republic City gang with all types of benders
Tuba-like instrument that Iroh plays
Mako and Bolin's cousin
Abandoned village where Team Avatar faced off against Azula
Moon spirit killed by Zhao
Bird that attacked Sokka after he kicked a rock at it
Bird that Zuko threw food at
Animal that Zuko followed into the Northern Water Tribe
Flower girl who flirted with Meelo
Triple Threat firebender with twelve toes
Azula's circus friend
Mugger in Ba Sing Se whom Iroh befriended
Haru's father

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