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Foo Foo Cuddlypoops is this type of animal
Temporary chief of police
Mako and Bolin's father
Desert predator that nearly ate Korra and Asami
Sub-skill of earthbending commonly used in the desert
Tranportation used by the above
Pakku's student who might be ready to fight a sea sponge in a few years
Family that owns Future Industries
Most popular cars in Republic City
Toph's crush who works at the Earthen Fire Refinery
Loud avian in the foggy swamp
Green fish that taunted Sokka
Water tribe fruit that Aang doesn't like
Ocean flora commonly used in Water Tribe food
Pier where Katara stole a waterbending scroll
Lee's mother
Village terrorized by Hei Bai
Korra's mother
Lee's brother who left to fight in the war
Hopeless path of narrow land to Ba Sing Se
Sandbender who got onto his son for stealing Appa
Waterbender of the Triple Threat Triad
Bhanti Tribe woman who helped Korra
Firebender of the Wolfbats
Director of the Yu-Yan archers
Radio broadcaster in Republic City
Big mole-like animal that can paralyze with its tongue
Fire Naton school boy who befriended Aang
First male earthbender
Village where Piandao lives
Air Acolyte abbot
Fire Sage who helped Aang
Large Earth Kingdom desert
Bridge where Korra met an Equalist
Street kid who takes money for information
Pet catgator of the Foggy Swamp Tribe
Female freedom fighter
Freedom fighter who is dating Kori
Katara's brother
Name of both a female healer and a male cop
Contains a portal that Korra opened
Where Aang is from
Group responsible for killing Kya
Where Katara and Korra are from
Fire Lord who started the war
Comes every century and empowers firebenders
Location of the ocean and moon spirits
Used to revive Aang
Where Wan was banished to
Parallel world to the physical world
Airbending sub-skill used by Jinora
Ba Sing Se girl who made fun of Toph
Roku's earthbending teacher
Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors
Firebending tribe dedicated to preserving the original source of firebending
General who protects the outer wall of Ba Sing Se
Toph's second daughter
Varrick's levitating instructor

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