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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra R Answers?

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Light spiirt who fused with Wan
Hopping animal hybrid with long ears that eats cabbage
Invention used to transmit audio broadcasts
Water tribe man who lost his face as a boy
First president of the United Republic
One of the dragons that Aang and Zuko met
Bird of pray that can intercept messenger hawks
Anarchist splinter faction of the White Lotus
Waterbending gang
Landmass where the second division of the United Republic army is located
All female pro-bending team
Capital of the United Republic of Nations
Hotel where Prince Wu stayed at
Common Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom dish that Iroh loves
Weapon used by the Dai Li
Tenzin and Pema's youngest son
Avatar before Aang
Elite Fire Nation cavalry
Used in replacement of the crown at Prince Wu's coronation
Where Azula and her friends went to school
Fire Nation teenager who hit on Mai
Lazy airbender who didn't want to move out of his parents' house

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