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Combustionbender of the Red Lotus
Bolin's pet fire ferret
Board game played by all four nations
River spirit of Jang Hui
Waterbending master who used to be sexist
Black and white flower around Mt. Makapu
Owner of a tea house in the lower ring of Ba Sing Se
Tea house where Iroh used to work
High monk of the Southern Air Temple who wanted to send Aang away
Cranky lady who refused to sell tickets without a passport
Guru who helped Aang open his chakras
Mountains where the Southern Air Temple is located
Tenzin's wife
Young metalbending student of Toph
Southern Water Tribe activity that involves riding otter penguins
Made up disease in Omashu
Jinora's flying bison
Position established by Ozai
Sokka's sword master
Yangchen's pet lemurs
String instrument with a pear-shaped body
Large Freedom Fighter with an ironic name
Where Sokka learned about the eclipse
Animal that lays eggs when frightened
Where the Blue Spirit rescued Aang
Twins in Makapu Village
Meelo's pet lemur
Naga is this type of animal
Neighbor of Team Avatar in Ba Sing Se
Warden of the prison in the Fire Nation Capital
Toph's mother
Foggy Swamp animal that tastes like arctic hen
Game invented by Wei and Wing
Republic City sport involving three elements
Equalist that Korra met in a park
Earth Kingdom playwright
Fruit that made Appa look sick
Sewer creature that leaves marks on skin
Carnivorous animal befriended by Momo
Snake that eats fire ferrets

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