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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra O Answers?

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Fire Nation fruit also used in Water Tribe dishes
Group that eventually became the Air Acolytes
Member of the Rough Rhinos with dark skin who uses a bolo
Pirate who referes to himself as a 'high risk trader'
Spirit confronted by Yangchen and later Aang
Undercover Dai Li who attempted to mislead Team Avatar
First female earthbender
Second largest Earth Kingdom city
Fire Nation school girl who befriended Aang
Beverage that Guru Pathik drinks
Tenzin's flying bison
Su's airbending daughter and Bolin's girlfriend
Secret society dedicated to preserving balance
Common Earth Kingdom mount
Air Acolyte who became an airbender
Animal that people of the Southern Water Tribe go sledding on
Leader of Kyoshi Island
Fire Lord and father of Zuko

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