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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra N Answers?

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Korra's Polar Bear Dog
River where Team Avatar fought Azula's team
Southern Water Tribe restaurant in Republic City
Festival were Kuruk met his future wife Ummi
Name of Omashu while it was controlled by the Fire Nation
Fire Nation organization dedicated to overthrowing Zuko
Friend of Katara's mom who disappeared (according to a ghost story)
Mayor of a Fire Nation colony
Friend of Katara's from the Southern Water Tribe who works at the Earthen Fire Refinery
Amon's real name
Ikem's name after he changed his face
Ursa's name after she changed her face
Location of a spirit forest that was burned down
Air temple that was eventually destroyed by lava
Water Tribe with more conservative customs
Fictional hero of the south portrayed by Bolin
Another one of Katara's freinds from the south who works at the factory
June's pet shirshu

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