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Fan of Nuktuk who chased Bolin for his autograph
Head of a haiku society
Zuko's (former) girlfriend who uses stilettos
Poisonous berry that causes blindness
Village by a volcano where a fortuneteller lives
Firebender who dated both Asami and Korra
Unalaq's wife (revealed on
Firebending magician
Conjoined frog spirits who married each other
Mouse-like creature that visited Iroh while he was bathing
Suits used by the Earth Empire soldiers
Hiroshi's invention to give the equalists more of an advantage
Teo's father who invented stuff in the Northern Air Temple
Tenzin and Pema's first son
Fortuneteller's assistant who crushed on Aang
Poison used by the Red Lotus on Korra
Bird used to deliver letters
Group of Zaofu
Earthbending sub-skill discovered by Toph
Law inforcement of Republic City
Space rock that Sokka made his sword out of
Mai's mother (recently named)
Name of both a Fire Nation guard and the earthbender of the Wolfbats
Armless waterbender of the Red Lotus
Where Team Avatar attempted to ambush Aiwei
Settlement in the Si Wong Desert
Waterbending woman who is trying to help her faceless brother
The Herbalist's cat
Sea where Tarrlok and Amon died
Singing nomad who plays the djembe
Aang's pet lemur
Leader of the Rough Rhinos
Mount used by Azula's team
Transportation in Ba Sing Se
Flower that blooms in the shade
Fruit that flying lemurs love
Family that rules Yu Dao
Koh's mother who can bestow new faces upon others
Wan's cat deer
Overseer of a factory polluting Jang Hui
Mai's aunt

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