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Ocean spirit
Guru who entered the void
Area near the Northern Air Temple where Korra turned herself in to Zaheer
Area where the Dai Li brainwashed people
Toph's father
Owner of Cabbage Corp
Rare sub-skill of earthebending
Very common name, the name of both a little boy and Zuko's fake name
Kai's sky bison
Fire Nation captain who works for Zhao
Amon's second-in-command
Former leader of the Triple Threat Triad
Dangerous sub-skill of firebending
Firebending sub-skill to counter the above
Singing nomad lady, Chong's wife (also the name of a lady chasing Bolin)
Republic City chief of police
Leader of a tribe that Jeong Jeong lives with
Ancient creatures who bestowed bending upon humanity
Flying circus animals that enjoy cabbages, also namesake of a pro-bending team
Earth Kingdom fashion mall in Republic City
Scavenger animal that hangs around factories
Azula's mentors
Owner of the Earthen Fire Refinery
Corrupt leader of the Dai Li
Archer of the Freedom Fighters who rarely speaks
Animal that Aang first mistook for Flopsie
Fire Nation love play
One of the incompetent detectives
Iroh's deceased son
Fruit that can be used to make tea or juicie (Momo likes this)

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