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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra K Answers?

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Rough Rhino member who uses a guan dao
Orphan who became an airbender and Jinora's boyfriend
Fire Sage who was Roku's spirit guide
Sokka's Gran Gran
Lin Beifong's father
Bhanti tribe sage who rescued the Avatar on the the beach
Waterbender who found Aang in an iceberg
New Ozai member who went on a date with Mai
Zookeeper in Ba Sing Se
Zuko and Azula's half-sister
Wan Shi Tong's fox assistants
Wooly Fire Nation animal that Aang screamed on
Aquatic mammal near the North Pole
The face stealer
Eight year-old girl who chased after Aang
Mountain range near Omashu
Fire Nation beast of burden with horns
Meat from above
Earth Kingdom air force engineer who was helping transport the Avatar
Daughter of the mayor of Yu Dao
The most recent Avatar
Fire Nation sport similar to volleyball
Earth King with a pet bear
Firebending teacher who rivaled Toph's academy
New airbender who refused to leave his family's farm
Avatar who lost the love of his life to the face stealer
The great uniter and leader of the Earth Empire
Aang's childhood friend from the Fire Nation
Fire Nation school teacher (Ms. ____)
Location of Mako and Asami's first date
Name of both Sokka's mother and his niece
Avatar who created an entire island
Island created by the above
Fighting force located in the above

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