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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra J Answers?

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Fire Nation river village
Iroh's tea shop
Wan's friend from the Lion Turtle city
Lieutenant on Zuko's ship
Rock candy also known as 'creeping crystal'
Aang's first firebending teacher
Leader of the Freedom Fighters
Water transportation used by the Water Tribes and Fire Nation
Zuko's date in Ba Sing Se
Leader of the Gan Jin tribe
Energy of movement (postivie, negative, and neutral)
One of the first male Air Acolytes
Awkward airbender boy that nobody wanted on their team
Tenzin and Pema's older daughter
Ursa's father
Employee of the House of Shells who picked on Giya
Brainwashed ladies in Ba Sing Se
Rice porridge eaten in the Earth Kingdom
Opal's sky bison
Bounty hunter with a pet Shirshu

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