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Yue's finaceƩ
Spirit World mountain where the dragon bird spirits live
Katara's hairsyle
Sokka and Katara's father
Member of the Sun Warriors who was sure that Aang and Zuko were going to be killed
The first known bloodbender
Earth Kingdom city that Sozin managed to capture despite being outnumbered
Where Team Avatar met a fisherman
Celestial event that occurs every 10,000 years
Campaign to remove the Fire Nation from the Earth Kingdom colonies
Golden tower in Republic City
Teenage earthbender befriended by Katara
Former waterbender of the Fire Ferrets
Sokka's messenger hawk
Earth Rumble fighter with yellow face paint
Waterbending sub-skill that saves lives
Panda spirit of the forest
A member of Aang's fanclub and eventual Air Acolyte
Crazy woman who told Aang to find frozen frogs
Animal in the Northern Air Temple
Fire Nation student who bullied Aang
Fire Nation version of hide and seek
Fire Sage in charge of coronations
'Even the meat eats meat'
Ursa's hometown
Asami's father
Toph's metalbending student who is obsessed with doom
Primate that causes trouble and does not like to be ridden
Zaofu soldier framed by Aiwei
Jet's weapon of choice
Baby born outside of the Serpent's pass
War balloon evented by the mechanist
Water Tribe judge bribed by Unalaq
Corrupt Earth Queen
Leader of the Council of Five
Provinces conquered by Azulon
Su's artistic son
Invented by Asami to fight Kuvira
Main conflict of A:TLA
Old enemy of the avatar with a conjoined twin
Recruited Wan to hunt in the Spirit Wilds
First known plantbender who protects the swamp

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