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QUIZ: Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra G Answers?

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Village flooded by Jet
A tribe full of neat and clean people
The leader of a group of poachers
One of the incompetent detectives
Earth Kingdom farmer and father of Lee
Earth Kingdom town that Toph is from
Earth Kingdom city taken by the Fire Nation while Azulon was in charge
Earth Rumble fighter whith a green mask (The _____)
Zoo animal, hybrid of a bull and a gemsbok
Sandbender who captured Appa
Lavabender of the Red Lotus
Huge bug eaten by the Foggy Swamp Tribe
Beast of burden used in the desert
Small lizard that lives in the desert
Red-haired actress whom Bolin hit on
Girl working at a seashell shop whom Suki trained (in a free comic book)
Celebration in the Southern Water Tribe
Tool used to ride air currents
Flopsie is this type of animal
Leader of an Earth Kingdom rebeliion against the Earth Queen
Hobo living in Republic City, former telegraph operator
Transportation in and out of the Boiling Rock
Earth Rumble fighter who burrows under ground (The ______)
Earth Kingdom commander who is terrorizing a farming village
Largest canyon in the world
Protects the Fire Nation capital
Leader of the Fire Sages
Hou-Ting's secretariat
Acupuncturist in Zaofu
Aang's mentor

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