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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra F Answers?

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Where Toph and Katara went on a girl's day out
Avatar Roku's dragon
Piandao's butler
Owner of the pet store that Pabu came from
Pabu is this type of animal
City where Toph pulled a bunch of scams
Element of power
Fire Nation candy that is kind of spicy
Plant in the Fire Nation that Hama bent water out of
Leader of the Fire Nation
The nation that attacked for 100 years
Area where Aang went to school
Occupied territory in the Earth Kingdom
Earth Rumble fighter who pretends to be from another nation
Naval force of the Fire Nation
Guardians of a temple dedicated to the Avatar
Where Aang first met Roku
One of the bending arts that heavily relies on the breath
Weak source of light used at the Northern Air Temple
Romanitc area where Jin took Zuko on a date
Jerk who berated Aang for being gone for 100 years
Southern Water Tribe dish made by Hama
Haiku organization
Fire Nation band formed by Aang
Hot Fire Nation snack that Sokka burned his tongue on
Airbending sub-skill used by Laghima and Zaheer
King Bumi's pet
Cat that Aang accidentally brought to the zoo
Original airbenders
Symbol of the Beifong family
Screams and fanboys when Aang arrives
Prison for humans in the Spirit World
Water Tribe located in a swamp
Mean general who forced Aang to use the Avatar State
Sabre-tooth moose lion cub befriended by Sokka
Where Ikem ran off to
Animal in the Agrarian Zone of Ba Sing Se
Swamp animal that climbed onto Korra's shoulder
Air Nomad dessert
Spirit who moved to Republic City after Harmonic Convergence
Company owned by the Sato family

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