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Element of substance
Largest nation in the avatar world
Transport to Ba Sing Se
Where Zuko first fought Zhao
Center of Ba Sing Se
Leader of the Earth Kingdom
Underground earthbending fighting tournament
Street game played by earthbenders
One of the bending arts
Tanks used by earthbenders in the Fire Nation invasion
Factory on land considered sacred to the Air Nomads (The Rift Trilogy)
Where Aang met Guru Pathik
Used to watch the solar eclipse
Fast mount that can tavel over land and water
Earth kingdom dessert that Aang craved
Foggy Swamp parasite that attaches to elbows
Weapon used by Equalists and Asami
Weapon used by Equalists, especially the Lieutenant
Giant fish around Kyoshi Island
Animal hybrid between an elephant and a mandrill
Animal that Hama practiced bloodbending on
Servent of Ozai and Ursa who held onto the latter's letters
Popular Fire Nation vacation area
Acting troup located at the above area
Where the above group performs
Fifth bending art that can give or take away bending
Group of anti-benders
Female waterbending twin
The very first flame maintained by the Sun Warriors
Massive blizzard around the South Pole

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