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QUIZ: Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra D Answers?

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Corrupt Earth Kingdom group in Ba Sing Se
Ancient firebending form
Unalaq became this
Toph's poetic student (The ____ ___)
Threw Tenzin and his siblings into the Fog of Lost Souls
New airbender from Republic City
Day when a solar eclipse occurs
Chimerical animal seen at the Misty Palms Oasis
Spoke on behalf of Yakone
Jeong Jeong's title (The _______)
Male waterbending twin
Old man who escaped from Hama's bloodbending
Ferry man with multiple personalities
Guarded the door to the Equalist revelation
Bird used in a firebending magic trick
Original firebenders
Spirit that helped Korra in the Spirit World
Republic City neighborhood with a large amount of non-benders
Animal used to pull carriages in the Fire Nation
Literal hybrid between a dragon and a fly
Type of spirit befriended by Jinora
Fire Nation machine used to penetrate the wall of Ba Sing Se
Zuko's dragon
Dual swords used by Zuko
Foggy Swamp waterbender who is tall and thin

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