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Rival company to Future Industries
Always has hid crops destroyed
Pest that eats cabbages
Sokka got drunk on this
Beast of burden in the Southern Water Tribe
Dangerous animal in the Great Divide
Fire Nation capital
Wan had this animal as a companion
Animal that was angered when Momo ate from its bowl
Animal in the Foggy Swamp (Old Slim)
Labyrinth near Omashu
Grasshopper-like animals in Fire Nation caves
Area in Republic City with a statue of Zuko
Aang had to open these to master the Avatar State
Area where Sokka reunited with his father
Ember Island party boy who kissed Azula
Fire Nation traitor and friend of Jeong Jeong
Metaphysical energy connected to bending
Technique that can temporarily disable bending
Conqueror defeated by Avatar Kyoshi
Village with a festival dedicated to booing the Avatar
Fire Nation prisoner who escaped with Sokka and Zuko
Leader of a group of singing nomads
Wealthy family that Wan stole food from
Mako and Bolin's uncle
Phonograph vendor in Republic City
Seat of the council and later the president
Common animal found in the polluted river of Jang Hui
Rare and dangerous sub-skill of Firebending
Bounty hunter hired by Zuko to kill Aang
Group leading the Air Nomads
Group of the highest ranking Earth Kingdom generals
Tarrlok's assistant
Island where the Fire Temple is located
Gift from Sozin to Roku
Area under Ba Sing Se
Type of monkeys that had their faces stolen

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