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Can you name the Avatar/Legend of Korra B Answers?

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Earth Kingdom Capital
Su-Yin's husband
Su's first son and Kuvira's fianceé
Plant that is both a snack and poison remedy
Croaking animal of the Western Air Temple
Original earthbenders (animals)
Giant tree in the middle of the swamp
Earth Kingdom citizen imprisoned for being a firebender
Tonraq was banished after a ____ invasion
Kidnapped Prince Wu
Water Tribe warrior who is freinds with Sokka and Katara's dad
Large ships used for naval warfare
Pro-bending team beaten by the Fire Ferrets in the simi-finals
Desert traders with unusual hats
Wealthy family in Gaoling
Art of controlling the elements
Water Tribe equivalent of an engagement ring
Fire Nation tribe that helped Korra
Earthbender who chews rocks (The ___ ___ ___)
Air transportation invented by Hiroshi
Poachers near the Northern Air Temple
Used to summon Appa
Pro-bending team that Toza was a part of
Explosive substance
Toph's stage name (The ___ ___)
Illegal sub-skill of waterbending
Azula's special skill
Zuko's disguise (The ___ ___)
Animal that Toph tries to use for acupuncture
High-security Fire Nation prison
Yin's husband (revealed on
Mako's earthbending brother
Avatar Yangchen's chaperone on her first assignment
Sokka's favorite weapon
The Earth King's pet bear
Earthbender who talks in third-person (The ___)
What the Dai Li did to Jet
Mount used in the Northern Water Tribe
General whom Zuko spoke out against
Bumi's spirit friend
Name of both the King of Omashu and Aang's first son
'River cleaner' with multiple personalities
Owner of the pro-bending arena
First lady of Republic City
Desert animal that lives in a hive

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