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Can you name the word that has at least 2 U's as the only vowels?

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Great abundance or Indulgence
To be released from a closed up state; unravel
A master teacher or spiritual leader
A chest & shoulder strengthening exercise
The native name for Ayer's Rock in Australia
To remove a cord from its socket
1989 Little league champs from Connecticut
Traditional Hawaiian garb
A class clown or comedian
Noise; Commotion
Platter of Chinese appetizers
Atypical heart sound
Nasal excretion
Popular Middle Eastern side dish/condiment
A political independent
Not causing laughter at all
Give in to
To exercise authority wrongfully; abuse
A nonmetallic yellow element with a distinctive smell
Violent ouburst; state of agitation
Not widely heralded
What happens when you tan for too long
West African music style made popular by King Sunny Ade
Poisonous delicacy in Japan
Another term for dawn or early morning

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