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Can you name the Words that contain all 5 vowels from its definition?

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Warned against
Mascot of West Virginia University
Extreme fatigue
Of little significance
To use language with intent to deceive
A discharge of tissue, blood, & secretions from the uterus that occurs monthly
Able to use both hands proficiently
Coniferous trees of the cypress family native to California
Arousing the appetite; tantalizing
Oily; Offensively ingratiating
Occuring together
Sold to the highest bidder
To place in a lower class or rank
Establish; empower; sanction by law
A form filled out to obtain opinions or information
Extremely friendly or outgoing
Marked by restraint from food or alcohol
Inflammatory infection of the lungs
Edible garden plant related to the cabbage often found in salads
To be pompous, extravagant, or bombastic in language
A spring that is the source of a stream; also, a novel by Ayn Rand (with 'the')
8 + 8 = 16, for example
A small drum-like musical instrument that can be struck or shaken
Prone to deception or falsehood
Exceptionally powerful or violent
The process of joining 2 entities again, i.e. East & West Germany
Characterized by a lack of certainty or stability
An act or instance of assumption
Flagrantly wicked or impious
A sexual slave in a harem
The ability to convince someone to do something
Joking or mocking, often in an inappropriate manner
Sexual pleasure; orgasm (french origin)

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