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Which EXO music video hit 4.48 million views in 24 hours?
When did EXO debut?
How many members sang in the 'Miracles In December' music video?
Which EXO member is dating F(x)'s Krystal Jung?
Which EXO member got threatened by a crush's boyfriend in their trainee days?
Who wore hot pink underwear during a concert and had another member reveal it?
What was the last OT12 music video?
What was EXO's debut song?
Who sang the OST for 'EXO Next Door'?
In which performance do EXO members dance while laying down on stage in front of mirrors?
Who makes up the Beagle Line?
Who are the three youngest members of EXO-K?
What is the full name of EXO's happy virus?
Which EXO member's dance Baby Don't Cry in the EXO'luXion

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