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Forced Order
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EXO's debut date (dd/mm/yy)?
their first full album?
debut song?
how many daesang's has EXO received? (2017)more than 10..
what type of martial arts did baekhyun used to know?not taekwondo, not kung fu
which member was originally supposed to be in SHINee?replaced by minho..
who was the twelfth and last member to join EXO?
what was the title of EXO's MAMA 2013 performance?it was in geman
who's birthday is may 6th 1992?
what was sehun's childhood dream job?shakespeare
who's the dancing machine?not kai
what blood type is luhan and 3 other members?same as baekhyun, sehun, and kris
which episode of EXO's Showtime did they go to the ghost house?
who are the kimbro's?in age order
who sings first in the song 'Heaven'?
what's the name of the first song luhan released after his departure?
what did d.o's acting career debut on?film name
what is chanyeol's jersey number?
who said 'i don't date ugly girl's because i believe they don't exist'bless his soul OTL
what web drama did xiumin star in?pierrot
chinese members of EXO? (ot12)in age order
what nickname was given to kai by the members?in the early days
which famous woman did kris have a photoshoot with?kardashian/jenner
who decided on EXO's group cheer 'EXO saranghaja'?
name of tao's first solo album?
d.o's real name?
what is sehun's song on their exology tlp album?exology the first chapter ; the lost planet
which drama does baekhyun star in as a supporting role?10th prince

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