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Can you name the answers which form a 'before and after' word chain?

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ClueAnswers (1 word per blank)#
(1,2) The penultimate round1
(2,3) A popular RPG series2
(3,4) Should I pick A-Rod or Matt Kemp?3
(4,5) Can be wood or metal4
(5,6) A lot of guano is found here5
(6,7) A mine collapse6
(7,8) Cool kids from the '60s7
(8,9) Riot prevention8
(9,10) Airport building, manages air traffic9
(10,11) AKA 'TD' to some computer gamers10
(11,12) In the USA, it's Robert Gates11
(12,13) It's April 21; I'll get *you* coffee12
ClueAnswers (1 word per blank)#
(13,14) Don't quit your ___ ___13
(14,15) Activity of the unemployed14
(15,16) 10^ is one of these15
(16,17) Metal housing used to build a motor16
(17,18) Alternative for 'idiot', if you're a real square17
(18,19) Crazy person18
(19,20) Research on a single group19
(20,21) Can help you get an 'A'20
(21,22) A blind man's best friend21
(22,23) Cujo needs one of these22
(23,24) initial bullet speed23
[Extra Info: word (24) has twice as many letters as word (1)]24

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