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Can you name random things?
Grows from follicles
Da Vinci was an ______
The empire state
Opposite of day
A manner of pronunciation (Boston, NY, Southern)
Embracing someone with your arms
__ coli
John, Paul, Ringo, and George
Study of zodiac signs
Falafel is made with this
The current president
Central organ on the face
Opposite of running
Boot shaped European nation
Between a pond and an ocean (basin)
A meal that is uneaten from the night before
Good topped with granola or frozen
If your feet stink, use '______ Eaters'
Scientific term for 'pee'
You have four eyes if you wear _____
Mean flightless farm bird, with big eggs
Can you name random things?
Fabric made camping shelter
BP spilt this in the ocean...
Generic term for noodles
A pirates favorite distilled beverage
Michael Scott runs 'The ______'
Earth's only natural satelite
The worst part of a cupcake
Oblong shaped brass instrument
Walking lengthy distances in the wilderness
McDonalds budget menu
A hippie's favorite color
Fat African animal with a trunk
The coldest season of the year
The same forwards and backwards; E-Y-E
Main vegetable ingrediant of a salad
Brits call them 'lifts'; Up or Down
__________ of Huckleberry Finn
Nike and Sketchers make these...
I am sensing a negative _______ from you
The hidden message...

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