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Can you name the Alabama songs, given a needlessly complicated rewording of a couple of lines?

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Number, number pertaining to Dixie. Yam treat; furthermore, I render myself mute.
As your proximity intensifies, my altitude decreases.
The female in question is of aristocratic descent, although her romantic experiences of late have been suboptimal.
Imprison me within the confines of your affection, then dispose of the means of escape. Yours truly is culpable regarding high-end infatuation.
Perhaps the aforementioned ancient combustion lacks sufficient power; however, it possesses superior longevity over any flashes instigated within your vitreous humor.
Should you desire to take the stage in the Lone Star State, it is highly recommended that a Stradivarius derivative be included in your musical ensemble.
I identify with the Yellowhammer State, regardless of the location of my cranium. My residence is within the borders of said political unit.
Largest tributary of the Ohio, in conjunction with a pioneer stereotype. The two of us regularly perform in a group of entertainers led by Demeter.
I advise that cerulean hues be preserved amid the firmament, while verdant tones remain underfoot. Such items are merely on loan; consider posterity!
I implore you to render traditional tunes in the manner of certain antecedents, upon which I will follow the prevailing currents en route to a bunker inhabited by former Acadians.
The hot caffeinated beverage prepared by this tale's heroine is sporadically excessively concentrated; moreover, she has not mastered the English language.
Greetings, Michigan's principal metropolis and its idiosyncratic drones. It is my intention to express gratitude for the temporal component of your toil.

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