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Can you name the notorious or noteworthy Kentuckians?

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Pugliist (b. 1942)The Greatest
Politician (1877 - 1956)Truman's VP; his grandson coined the word 'veep'
Judge (1825 - 1903)The law west of the Pecos
Actor (b. 1936)Squeal like a pig!
Writer (b. 1934)2000 Poets' Prize
Soldier (1796 - 1836)Alamo + knife
Lawyer (1856 - 1941)US Supreme Court Justice
Politician (1821 - 1875)Youngest US VP and later a Confederate general
Politican (b. 1931)Only US Senator to throw a perfect game for the Phillies
Frontiersman (1809 - 1868)Capital of Nevada
Mystic (1877 - 1945)New Age, Atlantis
Politician (1898 - 1991)Governor of Ky. and 2nd Commissioner of MLB
Shortstop (1891 - 1920)Only MLB player killed by a pitch
Abolitionist (1810 - 1903)Cousin of the Great Compromiser
Actor (b. 1961)Dapper Dan
Musician (b. 1937)Banjo player for the New South
Musician (b. 1961)It might blow up and kill this man
Politician (1808 - 1889)Only president of the CSA
Actor (b. 1963)Gilbert Grape
Musician (b. 1937)Cathy's Clown
Smut peddler (b. 1942)The People vs.
Singer (b. 1951)Don't it make my brown eyes blue?
Filmmaker (1875 - 1948)Birth of a Nation
Musician (b. 1936)Old dogs, children, etc.
Lawyer (1833 - 1911)Lone dissenter in Plessy v. Ferguson
Restaurant-guide publisher (1880 - 1959)He's no Betty Crocker!
Politician (1780 - 1850)Van Buren's VP; may have personally killed Tecumseh
Musician (1913 - 1998)Hee Haw!
Singer (b. 1946)Daughters Ashley and Wynonna also qualify
Politician (1809 - 1865)Four score and seven years ago
Singer (b. 1957)Maiden name is Ramey; married Terry Lovelace
Musician (b. 1935)Coal Miner's Daughter
Actor (1913 - 1999)Doc Holliday to Fonda's Earp
Musician (1911 - 1996)Only mandolin player in the Blue Grass Boys
Geneticist (1866 - 1945)1933 Nobel Prize winner
Outlaw (1790 - ?)Unforgiven
Actor (b. 1936)We're the Good Ole Boys!
Prohibitionist (1846 - 1911)Took a hatchet to many a bar
Actress (b. 1926)Starred with the Duke in 'In Harm's Way'
Singer (b. 1962)What if God was one of us?
Drummer (b. 1948)Survived Skynyrd's plane crash
Shortstop (1918 - 1999)Jackie Robinson's supportive teammate
Musician (b. 1922)Queen of the dulcimer
Journalist (b. 1945)ABC News
Teacher (1900 - 1970)Monkey trial
Musician (b. 1954)Got your heart broke!
Actor (b. 1926)I'm a done Tom Turkey!
Politician (1835 - 1914)Cleveland's 2nd VP; grandson ran against Ike
Writer (1907 - 1984)Split Cherry Tree
Writer (1937 - 2005)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
First Lady (1818 - 1882)Somewhat mentally unstable
Singer (b. 1936)Worked with Peter and Paul
Musician (1917 - 1983)Wrote 'Sixteen Tons'
Writer (1905 - 1989)All the King's Men
Musician (1954 - 1989)No stranger to the rain
Game show host (b. 1941)Love Connection
Musician (b. 1956)Guitars, Cadillacs

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