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Daryl and John were at the same concert in West Philly when a gang fight erupted. They met while cowering in the same elevator.John's power 'stache; also, beating out England Dan and John Ford Coley for Greatest Duo of All Time
Chris and Jonny met during orientation week at college and went with Pectoralz before changing their name to Starfish.Making Chris Rock even less funny after he attempted to diss 'The Scientist'
This completely artificial group was the brainchild of Edgardo Diaz, who wanted a boy band whose members would be fired as they aged.Bringing the world Ricky Martin
Realizing that Wildcountry was a stupid name, Randy and Teddy stole a sign from one of 50 on the stage.'Tar Top' breaking a string of 9,999 consecutive #1's
Mike and Ray had to walk home to Birmingham after a gig -- in Hamburg. Presumably they had plenty of time to talk.'Breathe deep, the gathering gloom'
Kix and Ronnie didn't exactly grow up together; they were paired by some Nashville suit in 1990.Effective use of internal rhyme, e.g. 'boot' and 'scoot'
Lars wanted to jam. James said, 'Okay.'Losing a Grammy to Jethro Tull
His real name is Daryl Dragon; why use an alias? And can you believe Toni's older?In a word, muskrat
They played a gig at Woolton in 1957, where Ivan introduced John to Paul.Some stuff they did after changing their name in 1960
Billy and James liked to wear paisley, turn on their drum machine, and pretend to be The Cure.Everybody secretly likes Iha better, right?
We need a name, guys. How about Don's last name?Losing their bass player to Ratt. Ouch.
Some guys on Staten Island watched a 1981 martial arts movie. Shaolin vs. something.Robert Fitzgerland Diggs chooses to go by RZA

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