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What landlocked country has 2 capitals?
What country has the longest coastline of any country?
What country has the tallest volcano on it’s border?
What country has official power over Greenland?
What European country invented the croissant?
What South American country is named after a tree?
Where do Christmas trees originate?
What country is the largest exporter of sugar?
What European’s first industry was wool?
What African country follows a traditional calendar that is 7 years behind the rest of the world?
What country do a quarter of the world’s refugees originate?
Which African country, is the only country in the world where there is equal amount of men and women represented in national parliament?
What country is the fastest disappearing nation (by population) in the world?
In what European country does nodding your head mean ‘no’?
What country is the newest country in the world?
What is the most populous African country?
What country’s energy is 99% renewable?
What country is the ‘least peaceful’ country (according to the Global Peace Index)?
What African country has the highest percentage of its land area as desert of any country in the world?
What country is the 2nd ‘most liveable’ according to the Human Development Index? (1st = Norway)

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