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'Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!'
'How can we live girl? If I can't give sweet love to you?
'If this Town, is just an apple, then let me take a bite
'I'm Gonna Make a Change, for once in my life'
'It Ain't Too Much for me too ___'
'All Nations Sing! Let's Harmonize All Around the World!'
'Your worst nightmare, it's me'
'T is for Take it Slow'
'I Sure Would Love just to Dance With You'
'Your Butt is Mine'
'Well, can the people on TV see me?'
'These nights are getting darker'
'He rocks in the tree tops, All Day Long'
'Send them your heart, so they know that someone cares'
'Dom Sheldon is a cold man'
'Must stand and face the hounds of h***'
'But the kid is not my son'
'And there words are very clear'
'Heartbreak Enemy Despise'
'There were two girls sitting in my room'

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